Why do you need to do Voice Search Optimization?

While voice search has been around a long time it is exploding faster than ever making it necessary for businesses to optimize their websites for voice search. Voice Search Optimization should be an important part of your overall SEO.

Did you know that:

  • 31% of smartphone users worldwide use voice tech at least once a week. (Source: Statista, Location World)

  • The total voice searching user base among US adults is 42.7%. (Source: Voicebot)

  • 20% of queries on Google’s mobile app and Android devices are voice searches. (Source: Google)

  • Half of all online searches will be voice-based by 2020. (Source: Comscore)

As you can see from these 2019 statistics voice search is booming. So how do you make sure your website is optimized for voice search? The experts at Search Engine Journal have put together a fantastic guide to help you ensure your website is ready for voice search. 

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