Small Business Marketing Success

One step to small business marketing success.

You usually read about 8 steps, or 10 steps, or even 50 steps to small business marketing success but in all my years of working with small businesses I have learned there is really only one step. 


Commitment! Without commitment, all the other myriad of steps are pointless. 

 A recent survey of small businesses showed that 58% of small businesses spend 5 hours or less a week on marketing. Why is that? 

  •  For most small businesses Marketing is not their primary skillset.
  • Time. Small business owners are the hardest working people on earth and it is hard to find time to spend on marketing. 
  • Stress. Small business marketing today is complex with a host of different options. They don’t know how or where to start. 
  • Staffing. Many small businesses have no marketing staff.
  • Finances. 28.5% of small business owners state they just don’t have the money to do marketing. 

While 58% of small businesses spend 5 hours or less a week on marketing, 79% that spend more than 5 hours a week on marketing reported revenue increases. 

If I were to say to you give me $100 and I’ll give you $300 back, you would take that deal all day long. Small Business Marketing that is properly done is the same kind of deal. If it’s done right you will receive a return on your investment and your business will grow. 

Ok, you realize that you’re one of the 58% that pays little or no attention to marketing and you are ready to make the commitment to grow your business. What do you do next? 

If you have more time than money you can do it yourself. That is what I did. I was running an e-commerce website and I needed traffic and qualified traffic at that. I spent years learning the ins and outs of digital marketing and spent a ton of money on mistakes but I was committed to learning how to bring qualified customers to my website and I did, and you can too. You just have to make the commitment. 

If you don’t have that kind of time and you want to avoid costly mistakes, then make the commitment to speak with several professional small business marketers to learn what they have to offer and what kind of return on investment you could expect. Also remember, there are no get rich schemes in marketing. You see ads all the time about someone getting rich off this one-page website or how to bring in megabucks using this one strategy, or attend this webinar and learn how I got rich. It’s alluring and it’s all BS. Don’t fall for it. There are many reputable small business marketing firms out there and many are very affordable for small businesses. 

 At Tamarac Digital we would love to speak with you about your business needs and goals. Based on those needs and goals we will develop a marketing strategy that will help you meet or exceed those goals. You can then implement that strategy or we can do it for you. A committed small business owner is a formidable force. If you’re committed, contact us now!

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