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Minneapolis Social Media Management

Having a great Social Media program can be a huge asset to your business. It allows you to cultivate a captive and engaged audience that will become some of your biggest fans. It’s your fans that will deliver social proof of the quality and authority of your brand.

The key to developing and growing a social media audience in Minneapolis is regular and relevant posting on multiple social media sites. The top 3 must-have sites are Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business. There may also be other sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin that might make sense for your business.

Another benefit of regular social media posting is it enhances your SEO efforts because Google loves to see businesses that engage with their audience.

Tamarac Digital’s Minneapolis Social Media Management system provides regular, relevant posting (twice per week per site) to 3 or more social media sites. Every businesses social media needs are unique so we work directly with you to create a social media plan that makes sense for your business.

Facebook Facts

(Sprout Social 2019)

  • 89% of marketers use Facebook in their brand marketing efforts.
  • 83% of surveyed consumers use the platform.
  • 66% say they Like or Follow a brand on the platform.
  • By the third quarter of 2019, the platform had attracted 45 billion monthly active users.


Facebook Ads Management Services

Our Facebook ad marketing campaigns in Minneapolis provide unparalleled versatility to reach a specific audience that is likely to be interested in the products and services you deliver. Tamarac Digital is a leading Facebook ad management company that can harness Facebook’s marketing potential to help brand your business and generate sales leads.

We coordinate all phases from planning, creative development, targeting of markets, lead identification, and ongoing maintenance for a Facebook ad campaign. We also handle your Facebook Ad Campaign to allow for more versatility. We can increase or decrease your monthly budget or pause and quickly restart your campaign. You have full control over when, where and how much you spend. 

Our Minneapolis facebook ad marketing can also target traffic to your website through any source of traffic on the website, such as organic search, AdWords or reference sources. This allows you to retarget customers who are already familiar with your business. Facebook ads are a fantastic complement to Pay Per Click and Content Marketing Campaigns. Whenever a prospect clicks on one of your PPC ads or is directed to your website, Facebook will immediately retarget that customer with Facebook ads keeping your business at the top of the prospect’s mind through the decision making process. 


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