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In Google’s world, content is king. If you think about when you are searching on Google you are looking for an answer to your query, and you want the best answer you can find. Google’s job is to find the best answer possible to your query and they are very good at it. That is where our content marketing in Minneapolis comes in. You want to provide content on your website that people are looking for. The content should be authoritative, comprehensive, and easy to read and loaded with keywords that will help you rank on Google. 

Sounds simple right? Not really. Quality content has to be thoroughly researched, written in such a way as to really engage the user, and the right keywords have to be in all the right places. The article must be authoritative, and answer the user’s original query. The page the article appears on will also need to be technically optimized for search engines. 

The benefit of content marketing in Minneapolis is you drive organic traffic to your website, social media, and blog. You educate the customer and earn their trust as experts in your field. All of this will lead to potential sales. 

Another benefit of content marketing is domain authority. Domain authority is a ranking, usually from 1 to 100 of how authoritative a website is. A new website starts with a domain authority of 1. It will stay a 1 unless you take steps to improve it and content marketing helps you do that. When Google sees that you are writing authoritative articles that generate traffic, it tells Google that your website is authoritative. The more authority your site gains the more traffic Google will send to it. 

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